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Meth Lab Decon

Testing A Home for Meth Contamination

Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup can test a home for contamination quickly and economically.  There are two types of testing we can do; the first is a floor-by-floor composite which will give us a yes/no result and a rough estimate of how contaminated a home is.  The cost for this is $250 plus $75 per floor (i.e. 2 story home with basement = $250 + ($75×3), or $475.  The second type of testing is a whole-home mapping.  This gives us a room-by-room analysis of contamination levels, and allows us to “Map-Out” where the meth was cooked and/or smoked, so we know where to concentrate our cleaning efforts.  Whole-home mapping is more expensive, and should only be done if you are prepared to move forward with cleaning, or if your state mandates that process.  We will, of course, offer discounts to landlords with multiple properties or Realtors that want to assure the property they are renting or selling is Meth-Free!

The Process

All personal items must be removed from the home before we arrive to decontaminate the home.  We can arrange for a portable storage unit to be placed on your property that you can move your items into while the work is being done.  Over a period of one to two days, our technicians will chemically treat every surface of the home, including all plumbing drains and HVAC systems to neutralize the methamphetamine.  Crystal meth is produced by chemistry, and chemistry is what we use to render it harmless.

Once we are done, we will re-test the home to ensure all areas test clean, and if necessary apply a final round of treatment.  Once all areas of the home test clean, we will issue a certificate stating the home has been completely decontaminated and is ready to be lived in again.

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