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Home, Business And Automobile Disinfection

There doesn’t have to be a crime for your home, business or car to become dirty.  Homes today are being built tighter and more leak-proof than ever before.  This can lead to viruses and bacteria building up in your air vents, furnace, and even in the dust on top of appliances.  Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup can come to your home or place of business and offer a no-charge estimate for complete disinfection.  All surfaces are cleaned with a safe disinfectant, then the entire area is hit with a disinfecting “fog” that will kill any microbials in the air, on top of and behind appliances, and in your HVAC system.  The chemicals we use are safe, leave behind no residue or odor, and they are the same ones used in many hospital operating rooms and HVAC systems.  Those who would benefit most from this service include:

  • Homes with patients whose immune systems are compromised (i.e. HIV or Chemotherapy patients)
  • Homes where it seems like someone is always sick
  • Just bought a used car?  Have it disinfected at your home to be sure it’s clean!
  • Hotels and motels, or anywhere multiple people will be staying in the same room over time
  • Apartment buildings after a tenant moves out

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