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Automobile Cleanup

Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup will also clean automobiles. We can handle anything from blood and bodily fluids to odors from cigarette smoke to decomposition. Our technicians will safely remove affected items from the vehicle that can not be cleaned and even facilitate the ordering and replacement of affected parts. Our odor control system will leave [read more]

Bodily Fluid and Trauma Cleanup

Cleaning up blood and bodily fluids can be an extremely hazardous job, one best left to properly trained professionals. After a suicide, homicide, trauma scene, industrial accident, or unattended natural death, one of the last things friends, family members or employers should have to do is clean it up. It can be traumatic, and leave [read more]

Home, Business And Automobile Disinfection

There doesn’t have to be a crime for your home, business or car to become dirty.  Homes today are being built tighter and more leak-proof than ever before.  This can lead to viruses and bacteria building up in your air vents, furnace, and even in the dust on top of appliances.  Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup [read more]

Jail / Holding Cells

Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup is available for 24 hour dispatch to any correctional facility in our service area for holding/jail cell cleanup. Again we will handle anything from blood borne pathogens to malicious odors.

Meth Lab Awareness Class

Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup is a DEA contractor responsible for the safe removal, transportation and disposal of all types of clandestine drug labs.  We offer a class to Police, Fire, EMS and HAZMAT teams on how to recognize meth labs and other types of drug labs.  An emphasis is placed on the hazards involved, including [read more]

Meth Lab Decon

Testing A Home for Meth Contamination Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup can test a home for contamination quickly and economically.  There are two types of testing we can do; the first is a floor-by-floor composite which will give us a yes/no result and a rough estimate of how contaminated a home is.  The cost for this [read more]

Property Cleanup

Gross Filth / Hoarding properties that we handle come with many health risks needing to be addressed properly to insure that the location has become safe and sanitary. Those with hoarding disorder live with trash, human feces, old household items, rodents and their droppings, urine, and live or dead animals, etc.  Even if they don’t [read more]

Tear Gas Removal And Fingerprint Dust

Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup will respond to remove tear gas and fingerprint dust. When not handled properly both of these items can wreak havoc on not only your sense of smell but your patience as well. Let our trained technicians take the burden of dealing with these things off your shoulders.

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